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Another homeowner raises questions about Results Property Management
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by Carol Thompson

Eric McColgin and his wife purchased a home in Creekside Village, located in Grain Valley, Missouri last September. They were apprehensive because the property management company, Results Property Management, would give their Realtor little information in regard to the homeowners association.

The only information they could obtain was that they would have access to a clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, and walking trails. They could not get an answer as to whether a pond located on the premises was a sewage pond.

Despite the lack of information, the McColgin’s purchased the home because they liked the community and the idea that there was a pool  for their children to enjoy- minus the maintenance. Their homeowners association dues would cover the cost of maintenance and McColgin said he felt it was worth the money.

They had no more than settled in when they received a letter about a meeting of the HOA. The meeting was in regard to a proposal for the HOA president, Isak Bencuya, to have the clubhouse and pool, yet the other residents in the community would continue to pay for the maintenance. That proposal never made it anywhere, however, McColgin said more questions continued to surface.

When Bobbie O’Hare, another homeowner in the community, obtained the books for the HOA, McColgin said he was surprised to see that the HOA dues were being used to pay for some of the electricity for Bencuya’s properties. Even more disturbing to McColgin was that the payments for maintenance were made to a company called Metrowide Building Services, a company owned by Logan, according to Missouri corporation records.

Invoices, McColgin said, were vague and gave little if any indication as to where work was done and by whom. Another thing McColgin questioned was why his own trees and bushes were trimmed, and subsequently charged to the HOA, when he owns his property and is responsible for his own maintenance.

As with O’Hare, McColgin questioned why Kearney and Logan had charged the HOA to attend a meeting of the organization when Results Property Management were paid a monthly fee for their services. Results Property management did not respond to requests for an interview.

McColgin said he is sorry he purchased a home in Creekside Village given the problems and questions that have surfaced from the time he and his family moved in.

Making matters worse, the paperwork to the State of Missouri establishing not-for-profit status had not been filed timely, leaving the pool and clubhouse locked. The matter has since been resolved, however, McColgin said it was an inconvenience to have the pool locked during the good weather.

O’Hare and McColgin continue to question the expenditures they are being charged for by Results Property Management and have asked the HOA president, who happens to be Bencuya, to select another provider. As of the time of publication, they have not learned if Bencuya will approve a change.




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