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Creekside Village gets new property management company
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by Carol Thompson

After numerous questions and complaints about their property management company, new management will take over as of July 1, and it’s good news for those who live in the Creekside Village community located in Grain Valley, Missouri.

Russell O’Hare, one of the homeowners in the community, confirmed that the homeowners association (HOA) did not renew its contract with Results Property Management, reportedly owned by Quentin Kearney and Ken Logan.

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The move comes after O’Hare, his wife Bobbie and neighbor Eric McCoglin began questioning invoices that were being paid out of the HOA account. Some of the invoices were paid to Metrowide Building Services, owned by either Kearney or Logan, or both.

As previously reported, many of the invoices were vague and didn’t state where the work had been performed nor who had done the work. There was also reportedly an attempt by Results to give the community center and the pool to the HOA president, at the maintenance expense of the HOA, who would no longer have access to the amenities. Although the proposal didn’t make it anywhere, it did result in hefty legal fees for the HOA.

The final straw came when it was learned that Results did not renew the not-for-profit papers to the State of Missouri, leaving the HOA inactive and the pool and community center locked.

O’Hare said the paperwork was to be filed at the expense of Results, however, he alleged it was paid from the HOA account.

While the community is under new management lingering questions remain. O’Hare said Results failed to turn over the appropriate paperwork to the new manager, hence, the members of the HOA have no accounting of the money that has been spent other than a statement that does not give the proper information needed to determine exactly how the money was spent. No invoices or cancelled checks were turned over, O’Hare said.

O’Hare said he hasn’t given up and will ask the state to conduct an audit of the HOA during the time it was under the management of Results Property Management.

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