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Creekside Village residents sued for defamation
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Several residents of the Creekside Village community in Grain Valley, Missouri were served with a defamation lawsuit for speaking out about the concerns they have with their former property management company.

The lawsuit, filed June 30 in Missouri State Court, lists Bobbie O’Hare, Russell O’Hare, Eric McColgin, Bonnie McColgin, Crystal Vaughn, Meridian Property & Reality Management, LLC.

The O’Hare’s and the McColgin’s alleged that Results Real Estate, owned by Quentin Kearney and Ken Logan, weren’t properly managing the property, and Results was recently replaced by Vaughn.

The court papers allege that the defendants made defamatory statements in various venues, including news reports, podcasts, and to others, acting with “reckless disregard.”

The lawsuit alleges that in December 2014, Bobbie O’Hare approached Kearney and asked if he would hire her to manage the Creekside Homeowners Association (HOA) and the Creekside Real Estate properties.

Kearney, according to court papers, denied the request. It’s further alleged that Bobbie O’Hare approached Izak Bencyua, a principal of Creekside Real Estate in the same month and asked to have Results removed as the property manager and instead hire her, a request that Bencuya allegedly denied.

The plaintiffs claim that following the rejection of Bobbie O’Hare’s requests that she began working together with the defendants in a concerted effort to harm the plaintiffs reputation.

The lawsuit also alleges that the defendants made defamatory statements to interfere with the Creekside HOA contract.

The plaintiffs allege that the defendants caused them to lose current business and expectant future business. Court papers note that the actual damages will be proven at trial.

The plaintiffs are being represented by attorney Nicholas Porto and David Zeiler, according to the lawsuit. Porto, according to the O’Hare’s and McColgin’s once recently represented the HOA members in another matter involving the HOA.

Russell O’Hare said that the attorney representing the defendants is looking into the possibility of a conflict-of-interest.

A case management conference has been scheduled for Oct. 30, according to the Missouri Courts online case docket.



















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