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Homeowners question Results Property Management’s handling of HOA funds
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by Carol Thompson

When Bobbie and Russell O’Hare began to question how the homeowners association (HOA) dues were being spent for the Creekside Village community they moved into July 2014, they weren’t pleased to find vague, and sometimes questionable invoices.

Results Property Management of Blue Spring, MO, owned by Quentin Kearney and Ken Logan, oversees the property located in Grain Valley, MO. The O’Hare’s felt that the HOA dues were excessive and wanted to know how the money was used.

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After learning that each member of the HOA had the right to inspect the books, Bobbie O’Hare submitted a written request to Results Property Management. Two weeks later, she was given access to the books.

“When I came into inspect the books, everything was kind of in a disarray,” she said. “It was in manila folders. There was no uniformity to anything… they weren’t even going to allow me to make copies.”

O’Hare was allowed to make copies and upon inspecting them at home, she realized that many of the invoices were billed from Metrowide Building Services, a company that had been owned by Logan, according to Missouri corporation records, and was subsequently merged with Results Investments, LLC.

Among the invoices is one for tree trimming in the amount of $2,500.



“They supposedly trimmed the trees and bushes around here but there’s not that many trees or bushes to be trimmed,” Bobbie O’Hare said. “It had no unit numbers written on the invoice and no name signed to it to show who actually did the the work.”

Another invoice shows a $120 for two hours of work to pick up two tree limbs in the parking lot, she said.

The HOA was also billed for the inspection of 17 air conditioning units, however those who own their homes are responsible for their own maintenance.

O’Hare said the HOA was billed for Kearney and Logan to attend an association meeting. The bill for that was $650.

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Kearney, nor anyone at Results Real Estate Services responded to requests for an interview.

O’Hare said she suspects some of the invoices aren’t valid and without the proper documentation she has no way of knowing who did what work, where the work or when.

She had asked to go back into the office to inspect more invoices. That request was denied unless she was willing to be accompanied by the HOA president, Isak Bencuya, who is a resident of California.

Russell O’Hare requested the hours of operation for the Creekside Village office and was told in an email from attorney Dave Zeller of Zeller Law Firm in Blue Springs that his request was “inappropriate.”

The O’Hare’s said they are telling their story because they believe Results Property Management or Results Real Estate Services manage many properties and they want others who may be affected to be aware.







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