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Special Master appointed in ongoing litigation
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Judge rules Quentin Kearney can be deposed once again 

A Special Master has been appointed to oversee some aspects of the ongoing litigation between Jason Hartman and Results Property Management principles Ken Logan and Quentin Kearney. A Special Master is appointed by a judge to oversee one or more aspects of litigation

“The Court, having reviewed the motions and the suggestions of the parties, and upon careful consideration of the pleadings, finds that this case raises unique, complex and troubling issues, potentially meriting additional discovery and inquiry, and therefore appointment of a Special Master is necessary and appropriate and therefore pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 68.01 does immediately appoint the Honorable J.D. Williamson as Special Master in this matter,” the decision reads.

Logan and Kearney have been embroiled in a legal battle with real estate expert Hartman for eight years. The dispute began over invoices for property maintenance that Hartman alleged were so vague he was unable to determine what work had been done and who had performed the work. When he didn’t receive detailed invoices, Hartman recorded a video showing the invoices and posted it to the internet.

Hartman’s motion to disqualify counsel 

In a November 13 filing, Hartman’s attorney, Kenneth Caldwell, asked the court to disqualify defendants’ co-counsel David Zeiler due to “extraordinary circumstances.”

For many years, Hartman had been represented by Lee Hardee III of Kansas City, Missouri, but the case took a bizarre turn in early August when Hardee was forced to recuse himself from the case. Hardee was notified — while arguing in court on the same case — that Ken Logan and Quentin Kearney were suing him for abuse of process. The pair are represented by Zeiler and Michael Hughes.

Hardee, who suffers from hypertension, was subsequently taken to the hospital and admitted, reportedly due to stress.

Due to a conflict-of-interest, Hardee had to file a motion to withdraw from the case, leaving Hartman without counsel just hours before the trial was scheduled to begin.

Along with the appointment of the Special Master to continue with the case questions, the Court granted plaintiff’s request to re-open the deposition of Quentin Kearney. Hartman’s attorney argued in his motion that Kearney was uncooperative during a previous deposition.

A case management conference is set for Dec. 17. The Special Master will attend the conference and report any finding.

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