Trial date set in Results Property Management case
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Trial date set in Results Property Management Case

A trial date has been set in the case between Jason Hartman and Results Property Management principals Quentin Kearney and Ken Logan.

Missouri Casenet says a jury trial has been scheduled for July 29. Judge Bryan Round will hear the arguments.

Logan and Kearney have been embroiled in a legal battle with real estate expert Hartman for eight years. The dispute began over invoices for property maintenance. Hartman alleged the billing invoices were too vague, and that he was unable to determine what work had been done and who had performed the work. When he didn’t receive detailed invoices, Hartman posted online a video showing the suspicious invoices.

The judge presiding over the case recently appointed a Special Master. Each party is required to pay one-half the cost of the Special Master and must deposit $5,000 each into a trust account.

The Court also granted plaintiff’s request to re-open the deposition of Quentin Kearney. Hartman’s attorney argued in his motion that Kearney had been uncooperative during a previous deposition.

Contention over counsel

Hartman also asked for the court to disqualify the defendant’s counsel. The request comes on the heels of an action taken by attorney David Zeiler, who represents Kearney and Logan.

For many years, Hartman had been represented by Lee Hardee III of Kansas City, Missouri, but the case took a bizarre turn in early August when Hardee was forced to recuse himself from the case. Hardee was notified — while arguing in court on the same case — that Logan and Kearney were suing him for abuse of process. The pair are represented by Zeiler and Michael Hughes.

Hardee, who suffers from hypertension, was subsequently admitted to the hospital, reportedly due to stress.

Due to a conflict-of-interest, Hardee had to file a motion to withdraw from the Results Property Management case, leaving Hartman without counsel just hours before the trial was scheduled to begin.

The parties will participate in some pre-trial conferences prior to the trial date.


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