Can Obamacare Succeed Without Young Adults?
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Health insurance premiums paid by young healthy Americans are critical to the success of Obamacare, but what will the government do if not enough of them sign up? The premise of a successful national health care system is that the “young invincibles” who rarely need health care would foot the bill for older Americans who place greater demands on the health care system. The whole thing was supposed to even out, but so far, not enough young adults are signing up for insurance policies.

What’s a president to do to insure the viability of his namesake program? How about spend millions of dollars to reach this critical demographic with a series of racy ads, social media campaigns, and celebrity endorsements? The administration has even gone so far as to ask mothers to gently twist their sons and daughters arms into signing up for insurance.

One thing is clear thus far. Young, healthy adults who don’t expect to have need of serious health care are choosing to pay the penalty for not being insured rather than the usually higher cost of the monthly premium under Obamacare. The problem might not be that these people are adamantly opposed to the new healthcare mandate, but rather that they just don’t give it much thought. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | istolethetv)

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    Johnny Goldwater
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    No, clearly they need pajama boy to do their bidding

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