Top 10 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories
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It’s hard to remember a time before COVID-19, or coronavirus as it’s more commonly known, rocked our world. Hopefully, we will be able to get rid of this plague sooner than later. In the meantime, Veritas News Network has put together a list of the craziest coronavirus conspiracy theories that might just prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

10 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

1: The Coronavirus Was Cooked Up in a Lab

Was the coronavirus accidentally unleashed from a wet market in Wuhan? Some don’t think so! One of the most popular coronavirus conspiracy theories is that the virus was cooked up in a lab. The jury is still out on whether or not COVID-19 was deliberately released from the lab, or if it was accidentally thrust upon the world, but many true believers in this theory agree; the official story is total hogwash.

2: The U.S. Army Created the Coronavirus

Slightly less popular than the Wuhan lab theory is this interesting nugget promoted by the Chinese government and propaganda. According to the theory, the virus didn’t come out of China, it came from the United States. The theory is loosely based upon U.S. presence at the Military World Games in Wuhan, China where the virus started. According to the theory, U.S. personnel brought the virus with them and infected the Chinese.

Although it certainly does not seem plausible at all, it does paint the United States as the bad guy which is an advantageous position for China.

3: Coronavirus Is a Deep State Plot

Did the coronavirus come from the U.S. Army, or was it a nefarious Deep State plot? This theory piggybacks on another few popular theories that speculate that the United States is actually governed by a shadowy body called the Deep State. This particular theory is promoted by the QAnon crowd and ties into a more nefarious plot related to the anti-vax movement and government control in general.

Since the Deep State is supposedly heavily intertwined with the media, coronavirus has been exaggerated and fear-mongered with the express purpose of throwing the public off the trail and keeping the Deep State under wraps.

4: Coronavirus Is an Evil Scheme to Sell Hand Sanitizer

We all know that companies will do just about anything to make a buck, but would Purell manufacture a global pandemic just to sell hand sanitizer? In one of the more grim coronavirus conspiracy theories, they would. Hand sanitizer is in hot demand right now as people are in a frenzy to wash their hands and keep germs at bay.

It’s so bad that folks are stocking up on tons of it just in case this crisis goes on for longer than we think it will. Purell has never been such a hot item. Is there any way the hand sanitizer companies could have dreamed up a plague as bad as COVID-19? It’s unlikely.

5: Greta Thunberg Unleashed Coronavirus to Save the Planet

Greta Thunberg has been blamed for a lot of different things, but this one really takes the cake. Some cynics speculate that the planet’s biggest advocate actually brought on the coronavirus as a bid to help Mother Earth recover from pollution. While we can’t deny that pollution has gone down since people have been locked up, it’s very unlikely that Greta Thunberg had anything to do with it.

6: Aliens Beamed Down the Coronavirus

Did the coronavirus come from above? This is one of the kookier coronavirus conspiracy theories for sure, and it states that COVID-19 was actually a gift from our fellow galaxy-dwellers. According to the theory, aliens lobbed down a fireball containing the virus, and it exploded near China, releasing the coronavirus into the air and causing the pandemic.

7: Bill Gates Is Behind the Coronavirus Plague

Could Bill Gates be the sinister force behind COVID-19? Some conspiracy theorists seem to think so! According to this theory, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation developed the coronavirus to punish the anti-vaxxers and build credibility for their work. Since Bill Gates is a frequent target of Deep State conspiracy theorists, this one ties into several other coronavirus conspiracy theories but can stand all on its own merit as a possible cause for the plague.

8: Streaming Services Caused the Coronavirus

There’s no denying the tremendous power that streaming services have over our lives, and more people have been tuning in to non-traditional entertainment since COVID-19 made us all stay in our houses. Some people speculate that there may just be a connection between the two.

Disney Plus launched just a few months before the coronavirus hit in force, and Netflix’s documentary series “Pandemic” was also released right when coronavirus was picking up steam. Is this a pure coincidence or something a lot more sinister?

9: 5G Is the Sinister Force Behind Coronavirus

What if COVID-19 and 5G were the same thing? Some people speculate that the rise of fast internet might have brought on the plague that we know as the coronavirus. As coronavirus conspiracy theories go, this one might seem a little far out, but it’s got plenty of celebrity buy-in.

10: The Virus Is a North Korean Bioweapon

North Korea is not above dirty tricks, and some people believe that COVID-19 might just be their dirtiest! According to Jerry Falwell Jr., the coronavirus is a sophisticated bioweapon brought to us courtesy of the North Korean regime. While it is true that there are no known cases of coronavirus in North Korea, that could be more due to the fact that they are stringently against most tourism and that their media is controlled by the state.

There’s also the simple fact that Kim Jong Un loves to brag about his accomplishments and has not taken credit for COVID-19, at least not yet!

There is a lot of misinformation out there on nearly every subject, and a pandemic is bound to inspire more than usual. Stay safe, stay informed, and take everything you read with a grain of salt.

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