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by Carol Thompson

UPDATE: The jury has found Springfield not-guilty following a brief deliberation.  Just prior to the commencement of jury deliberations Calcagno was taken away in an ambulance. No word on her condition.

The retrial of an injury lawsuit against Rick Springfield, a 1980s pop icon and actor, has been ongoing this week in Syracuse, New York.

Springfield, best known for his hit Jessie’s Girl is accused of hitting a woman in the head with his buttocks while performing in the crowd during a 2004 concert at the New York State Fair.

Vicki Calcagno, 45, of Liverpool, NY said Springfield struck her with his buttocks and knocked her unconscious. Calcagno claims Springfield’s buttocks caused “serious, disabling and permanent injuries,” according to her 2007 civil lawsuit. She claims the incident left her disoriented or unconscious for at least 10 minutes.

Calcagno testified she went to the state fair with a neighbor and tried to see one of Springfield’s shows. The first show was cancelled due to a thunderstorm and Calcagno said she returned for the second show.

During the show she said she was taking several photos and Springfield entered the crowd, coming close to where she was sitting.

Calcagno said she was hit in the head by Springfield’s butt and a hard object. Calcagno said she didn’t know what the hard object was, but it could have been Springfield’s microphone pack that he wears on his butt. Calcagno claims she was knocked to the ground.

Calcagno said she was dazed but stayed at the concert and took more pictures. She didn’t report the incident that day but said she called the state fair office the following day. She said she wasn’t able to reach anyone and called backed the next day and did reach someone who told her to send an email regarding the incident.

Springfield maintains that he did not fall into anyone and that he does not recall anyone in the crowd falling.

The case was heard in 2013, however, the judge declared a mistrial due to a comment posted on social media that Calcagno’s lawyer thought may help the case.


Image: Flickr/Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

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