Charlie Crist Surprises No One – Becomes a Democrat
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It might sound like a headline from a satirical news source such as The Onion. Former self-described Ronald Reagan Republican and Florida governor, Charlie Crist, has decided to become a Barack Obama Democrat in a renewed effort to re-capture his old office. Crist was beaten in his bid for a second term by current Florida Governor Rick Scott, switched parties and became an Independent, and lost his senate bid to upstart Republican Marco Rubio three years ago.

With Scott not exactly the most popular of chief executives the state has ever seen, Crist saw an opportunity to re-invent himself and try to become the first Democrat-elected governor in Florida since Lawton Chiles in 1994. While the left side of the aisle has embraced Crist, probably assuming his name recognition gives them the best chance to reclaim power, Republicans plan to mount a withering campaign blitz highlighting Crist’s lack of an internal compass and inability to lead.

Crist’s record as a moderate might help him tap into a growing sense of frustration with the current two-party system in the nation. A Gallup poll recently found that 60 percent of Americans support the creation of a major third party. With the Tea Party seen as too polarizing to some, Crist hopes to bring a new tone of bipartisanship to Tallahassee.

The party flip by Crist has garnered the attention of Scott, who spent more than $70 million of his own money in winning the 2010 governor race and promises a blistering ad campaign against Crist after the first of the year. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | sharingflorida)

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