How To Check A Veterinarian License (In 5 Steps)
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We all know that choosing a veterinarian for our pets is an important decision. After all, we all
want someone who can be trusted, who is kind to your pet and who is reputable and

Previously, we published an article that describes how to find out if a veterinarian has been
disciplined – and check for the disciplinary actions against a doctor, physician’s assistant or

Below, we are listing the steps through which you can check if a veterinarian has a license.

1.Verifying the license online

The first step is to gather your veterinarian’s basic information and input the data in an online
license verification system. Systems like these are available in most of the states – and
depending on your state, you may need to gather different information.

The most likely information that a website like this would require includes:

  • Your veterinarian’s first and last name
  • Their physical address
  • Their license number (which in most of the cases is visible in the lobby of their business)

2.Search for the state veterinary license board

Individual states in the US are responsible for licensing and regulating veterinarians that
practice within their borders. As a result of this, the first thing that you need to do is to verify the
veterinary license online – and search for the state veterinary licensing board.

Here, it is important to know that the best way to find online verification is to search for “verify
veterinary license (your state name).” If the search does not work, you can search for “veterinary license information (state name)” alternatively.

3.Fill out the search verification form

Once you find the state’s online verification system, you will need to fill out the online search
verification form. Here, you should use the gathered information to fill out the form and make
sure that you have selected all of the appropriate boxes.

4.Verifying the licensure

Once you get the results (after entering the required information), the website will show results
based on the information you provided. If there are several licenses for the same person, you
should make sure that the veterinary license shows “current” or “active”. If it shows “expired,”
“suspended” or “in process,” your vet may be practicing illegally.

5.Contact the licensure authorities directly

If you cannot find the relevant information regarding your chosen vet, you will need to contact a
state licensure board directly to verify the active license. By contacting the board directly, you
will be able to find out the status of the license (of your vet) and other relevant information.

Once you collect the appropriate information, you will need to identify your vet and verify the
current veterinary license. The phone number of your state’s licensure board is usually easy to
find – all you have to do is find the number online.

If your vet is practicing without a license, we advise you to notify the state representative that
you are on the phone with. For any other questions, consult with the representatives on the

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