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Jimmy John’s added to the growing number of data breaches
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by Carol Thompson

Another store chain has been hit by hackers. Champaign, Ill. based Jimmy John’s reported a possible data breach at approximately 216 of its stores. The company released a list of possible affected stores.

In a press release issued Sept. 24, company officials said they learned of the possible breach July 30 that impacted both debit and credit cards that were swiped at their stores. The security breach does not include cards that were used online or manually entered at the stores. The breach occurred between June 16 and Sept. 5.

Jimmy John’s has hired a forensic experts, the release notes adding that the compromise has been contained and customers may safely use debit and credit cards at their stores.

The sandwich giant has joined a growing list of companies that have experienced data breaches this year.

In a report released the same day Jimmy John’s announced its data breach the Ponemon Institute released a report that stated 43 percent of companies have had a data breach this year. The institute does independent research on privacy, data protection, and information security.

It’s not only large corporations such as Target, Kmart, Adobe, and Neiman Marcus that are being hit, small mom and pop stores are as well. The Oswego Sub Shop in Oswego, New York was the target of a breach in which credit card information had been stolen. The owners had been alerted by the U.S. Secret Service in February that their data had been compromised since Nov. 2013.

Healthcare information has also been hacked, and data breaches have it large hospitals and small doctor offices.

Ponemon reports that the use of Cloud storage increases the probability of a $20 million data breach as much as three times.

Consumers are urged to monitor their debit and credit card accounts regularly and report any suspicious activity to the account issuer.

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