Plaintiffs’ lawyer presents demands in Welcome Inn case
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The Welcome Inn labor relations case is moving forward after months of legal wrangling.

Plaintiffs April R. Brashier, Richard M. Orencia, and Chad Lebow filed a lawsuit against Quincy Property LLC, doing business as “Welcome Inn,” and against Brett Burge, Kenneth Logan, Quentin Kearney and Joe Wimberly under FLSA and Illinois Wage Laws. The lawsuit, filed Jan. 28, 2017, alleges the plaintiffs worked at the defendants’ hotels and weren’t paid overtime due under FLSA.

A telephone conference was held Oct. 15 with counsel for plaintiff, John Ireland, and defense counsel, Mary Yong and Thomas Luetkemeyer.

Court documents show that plaintiffs’ counsel is in the process of obtaining demands from each of the plaintiffs. Those documents note that Ireland has presented a demand for 21 of the plaintiffs. He hopes to have demands for the remaining plaintiffs by the end of the week. Demands are a collection of all documents that show injuries and/or loss of wages. It is a step undertaken prior to litigation.

Ireland said he believes it’s too early in the Welcome Inn case to engage in mediation. Defense counsel Luetkemeyer agreed it would be best to wait until after demands have been presented, and responses made, before scheduling mediation.

Another status conference to further discuss mediation is scheduled for November 30 with Magistrate Judge Schanzle-Haskins presiding.

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