Popular Tempe establishment, Gringo Street Bar, closes with no explanation
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With little fanfare and no explanation, a popular bar in Tempe, Arizona is closing. The Gringo Star Street Bar, located on the city’s famed Mill Avenue, opened in 2013 offering arcade games, food, drinks, dancing and street art.

In a Jan. 19 Facebook post, a vague notice was given. “It’s been real and it’s been fun but now it’s time to go. We know many of you have had some of your wildest nights at our lovely bar and we are glad we were able to be part of it It’s been a great ride! Peace out ✌🏽Thanks for the memories!”

As of publication, there was no indication on the tavern’s website that it is closing.

Patrons of the establishment were surprised by the announcement.

Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly Ouch.. 😩 I have left a piece of me at the corner table by the DJ booth with its departure. The only place in the world to have a keg stacked with Don and Vodka..
Amanda Gordon
Amanda Gordon Audra Nicole Hall Nicole Daignault nooooooo…..this just broke my heart and I don’t even live there anymore😭😭
Chris Hirata
Chris Hirata Dude I love this place! I can’t believe they closed it. So sad.
Kassie Visco
Kassie Visco Maggie Bryson we didn’t even get to say goodbye
While the surprise came to Gringo Star patrons, it didn’t come as a surprise to investors, who claim owner Julian Wright’s mismanagement caused the demise of the popular nightspot.
“I was led to believe I’d get a great return on investment,” said one shareholder. “I invested in Modern Margarita and Gringo Star. I got a little bit of the money back on Gringo Star. I got zero on Modern Margarita. That was a one hundred percent loss, yet somehow Julian figured out a way to make money.”
The shareholder added that communication with Wright was almost non-existent. “I would have to nag and beg repeatedly. When I asked him to provide documents for some of the expenses, he totally refused and he literally sent me a text message that said, ‘F**k you.'”
Wright could not be reached for comment.
Less than two weeks ago, ABC15 reported Wright will be opening the Pedal Haus Brewery in downtown Phoenix, anticipated to open early this year.
Wright is listed as the president of Fork & Dagger Restaurant Group, noted as “an 11 year old multi-state restaurant development and management company” on Wright’s LinkedIn profile. News reports indicated Wright has opened and closed a number of restaurants as well as scraped plans to open a rustic northern Italian eatery in downtown Chandler. 
In 2013, less than two weeks following the opening of Gringo Star, the Phoenix New Times reported on Wright’s plans to open other businesses on Tempe’s main drag.
The fate of the Gringo Star location is unknown. The Facebook page states it’s “permanently closed” and as of publication, no one representing Gringo Star has responded to questions from commenters.
 Image: Gringo Star Facebook page
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