Runaway Afghanistan soldiers seek asylum
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by Carol Thompson

The three Afghanistan National Army officers who fled a US joint military exercise on Cape Cod two weeks ago appeared in immigration court last Wednesday to argue for asylum claiming they will be killed if they are returned to their home country.

Major Jan Arash, Captain Mohammad Nasir Askarzada and Captain Noorullah Aminyar are being held without bond in a federal immigration detention center in Batavia, NY. Their attorney, Matthew Borowski, pleaded for both their release and asylum in the preliminary court proceedings. Their request for release was denied and Arash, Askarzada, and Amiyar were returned to the detention center.

The three disappeared last month while participating in a joint military training program in Massachusetts. They were detained at the Rainbow Bridge as they attempted to cross the border into Canada.

The men are scheduled to return before a judge on Wednesday.

Image: WGRZ

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