Securing the Winter Olympics: The Extreme Measures to Stop Extremists
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As the Olympics are rapidly approaching, the United States and Russia have banded together to attempt to secure the Sochi Olympic grounds. Russia has spent $50 billion to host the Olympics, including the construction of the “Ring of Steel”. However in the last week, Russia has been on a manhunt searching for a group of terrorists known as the “black widows” threatening a “surprise” at the Olympics and claiming to have penetrated the “Ring of Steel” measures.

To assist in safety measures during the games, the United States has offered to share its communication technology system with Russian if implementation in their infrastructure is possible. This technology would prevent cell phone detonation of bombs. Russia will also have space-based monitoring of the grounds going live on February 7. In further preparation for the Olympics, the United States has planned on moving large warships close to Sochi in case evacuation of the 200 person United States Olympic team is needed.

Although the countries are hoping the security, technology and evacuation plan are unneeded, the threat of attack has become very real to both countries and a race to amp up Olympic security is one in which these two world powers play on the same team. (Addison Naugle – VNN) (Image: Flickr | thor_matt83)

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