Shots Fired at LAX – 1 Dead
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A gunman walked into a Los Angeles International Airport terminal today and opened fire with an assault rifle. One person, a TSA agent, was killed, and two more injured in the incident. After a brief gun battle with responding police officers, the assailant was taken into custody. The victim was TSA agent, Tim Kaufman. Reports from the scene say the gunman walked up to a TSA checkpoint and opened fire.
Police cannot say conclusively yet whether or not TSA agents were specifically targeted in the attack. Witnesses believe as many as 20 shots were fired. While the situation is under control, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has asked the public to stay away from the airport for now.

Flights enroute to Los Angeles are either being held at takeoff before departure or, in the case of airplanes already in the air, diverted to other area airports. So far, there have been 12 confirmed flight cancellations due to the incident and 132 flights delayed. With roads to the airport shut down and a heavy police presence in place, travelers who were expecting to use LAX this afternoon and evening should be prepared for more delays and perhaps cancellations. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | InSapphoWeTrust)

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