4 Dead in Phoenix: Police Suspect Loud Barking to Blame
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The exact motive that caused a 56-year-old Phoenix man to gun down four neighbors and two dogs before killing himself might never be known, but police have a suspicion it was loud barking. Phoenix police sgt. Tommy Thompson said there is “some indication that perhaps that was a problem.” The dead include the shooter, Bruce Moore, 66; his daughter, Renee Moore, 36; her husband, Michael Moore, 42; and Renee’s son, Shannon Moore, 17.

After killing the Moores’, Guzzo took another few shots at a nearby town house before returning to his own unit and killing himself. A pump action shotgun, apparently the murder weapon, was found beside his body.

According to police, Guzzo had no record of a violent past, and one neighbor, Donald McKenzie, told a local television station that the attacker usually kept to himself. “I’ve seen him every morning – come in quiet every morning,” McKenzie said. “Never would expect him to be the guy who did this at all.”

Libni DeLeon, the target of Guzzo’s second volley of shots, said someone knocked on his door Saturday morning and then opened fire. “I ran upstairs and when I got there I got a glance at him, and I yelled at him, and he turned around and shot two more rounds upstairs,” DeLeon said. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | Mr. T in DC)

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