Michael Jackson’s Doctor Free After 2 Years
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Two years into a four-year-sentence, the doctor found guilty of killing pop superstar Michael Jackson walked out of jail Monday a free man. Conrad Murray was released from a downtown Los Angeles jail just after midnight this morning. Thanks to a change in California law, the former cardiologist was able to skip out on the final two years of his sentence.

Murray, who was serving as Jackson’s personal physician during the singer’s preparation for a series of comeback concerts, was convicted in 201l of causing the death by providing an overdose level of a strong sleep aid. In an attempt to re-establish his good name – his license has been yanked in three states – Murray has filed an appeal on his manslaughter conviction. Negative publicity from the trial creates doubt whether the doctor can ever practice again in his chosen field.

Though jurors found that Murray was not incompetent to serve as Jackson’s physician, there has been zero support for Conrad Murray’s nightly habit of providing the superstar the anesthetic propofol to help him sleep. Propofol is only intended for use in surgical settings and the doctor admitted he lacked the proper monitoring equipment required for anesthesia. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | kronic.it)

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