Amazon Drone Delivery – 30 Minutes or Less
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You read it here first. In a quick peek behind the curtain at innovative online retailer Amazon’s plans for the future, we learn that CEO Jeff Bezos is cooking up plans to deliver your packages in 30 minutes or less. For those who didn’t make the immediate connection, that’s the same time it takes to get a pizza. How will Amazon accomplish this feat of derring do? Three words. Unmanned delivery drones.

Bezos has cojones, that’s for sure. In a time when U.S. government drone usage has ratcheted up citizen paranoia about spying to the nth degree, Amazon decides the same technology would be a great way to deliver packages weighing five pounds or less half an hour after you place the order.

The project, known as Prime Air, was first revealed on Sunday by CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

But don’t look to the skies any time soon for your Amazon shipment. The company admits that its drone army rests deep in research and development right now, and both technology and Federal Aviation Administration support are likely years away from reality.
According to Bezos, the five pound weight limit covers about 86 percent of the items Amazon delivers. He estimated that the drone delivery system could happen in the four or five years. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | mikelehen)

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