Calling Dick Tracy – Your Smartwatch is Ready
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In the world of the 1930s, comic strip crime fighter, Dick Tracy, took on all manner of bad guys with his trusty wristwatch, which also happened to be a two-way radio. It seems like the future is now, as modern day electronics companies are racing to make inroads into the buying public’s seemingly insatiable thirst for any gadget prefaced with the word “smart.”

Just in time for the holiday season, Samsung, Sony, and Qualcomm have smartwatches either on the shelves or nearly there, and Apple and Google are rumored to be in production. The only problem marketers forgot to ask is whether anyone actually wants one.

Jonathan Gaw, a research manager at IDC, claims that demand for a watch that displays email, text messages, and weather alerts is not being driven by consumers, which seems to be in direct contradiction to the maxim to ask ‘em what they want and then sell it to ‘em. “We’ve had smartwatches for a while, and while the capabilities and technology have gotten better, this is not something people are clamoring for,” Gaw said.

Companies are in a panic to get their own smartwatch to market before technology titan Apple joins the fray with the rumored iWatch, which will debut next year at the earliest, if at all. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | Mike Licht,

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