Central NY pets now have legal representation
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by Carol Thompson

When pet owners are charged with abuse the owners don’t always willingly give up their animals and when they do the pets are often placed in a kennel.

Under a new program initiated by the Onondaga County, NY Bar Association, lawyers will be able to intervene when the pet owner won’t give up the animal and the pets will be placed in a temporary foster home rather than a kennel.

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The association pairs volunteer lawyers with abused animal cases so that the pet has an advocate.

Often when a pet owner is arrested for abuse, the pet is removed from the home and placed in a kennel. The lack of human contact can be detrimental to the well-being of the animal and cause more pain.

Under the program, the pet will have an advocate in the court case against the abuser.

The Bar Association recently held a training program for those lawyers interested in becoming a pet advocate.


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