China Achieves Total Victory Against “Unclean” Internet
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In perhaps the most startling success in human history, the Chinese government has at long last been able to declare a complete victory in the war against rumors, negativity, and other forms of unruly online conversations which have permeated the internet since the early days. You heard it here, folks. The Communist Party has officially produced the world’s first “clean” internet. No longer will citizens be forced to endure inducements to ship random objects to Nigerian princes or suffer the indignity of a brutal but honest product review.

How do you go about creating a clean internet? Others’ opinions may differ, but in the Chinese case, the power structure in Beijing decided to arrest dozens of people and charge them under new penalties created for those who post libelous information. Also top Chinese bloggers have been urged to join in the fight in protecting the national interest and upholding social order.

The vice-minister of State Internet Information Office, Ren Xianliang, announced the success. “If we should describe the online environment in the past as good mingling with the bad, the sky of the cyberspace has cleared up now because we have cracked down on online rumors.”

What the Chinese government calls a cleanup, others say equates to nothing more than censorship and suppression. Your call. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | Imaginary Museum Projects: News Tableaus)

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