Christmas is Coming – and so is the iPad Air
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Apple Inc. junkies rejoice! The world’s favorite technology is adding to its line of iPad tablets just in time for Christmas. The thinner, lighter, faster version is called iPad Air, and its release comes only a year after the previous generation. Apple hopes the new tablet will put pressure on competitors like Google, Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft in the market.

In addition to the new iPad release, Apple has dropped the price on MacBook Pro computers anywhere from 9 percent to 13 percent and is giving away its latest operating system – Mavericks – at no cost. Some experts think the strategy of making the OS free is aimed directly at ruffling Microsoft’s feathers and, hopefully, forcing it to reduce prices on its flagship OS Windows.

In recent years, Apple has been in the forefront of shaking the technology market with the release of the super-popular iPhone in 2007 and then following that up in 2010 when it essentially created the tablet market with the iPad. Despite increased competition in recent years, Apple’s policy has been to maintain prices, selling older versions of iPhones and iPads at only slight discounts. As with other new tablet releases, the iPad Air will hit the market at $499. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | americaspower)

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