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CNY couple sued by HOA over pickup truck move
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by Carol Thompson

A Central New York couple who made national news when they were sued by their homeowners association for parking a pickup truck in their driveway has moved out of state.

According to Syracuse.com, David and Arna Orlando have moved from Manlius, NY to Florida due to pressure from the case.

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The Orlandos were the target of a lawsuit filed by the The Kimry Moor Homeowners Association, who sought an injunction in Onondaga County Supreme Court to stop the couple from parking their 2014 black Ford150 truck in their driveway, according to Syracuse.com. The couple lived at 511 Kimry Moor, just outside Fayetteville.

The association claimed its regulations only allow residents to park “private, passenger-type, pleasure automobiles” in driveways. The association owns the driveways in the development.

The association argued the couple’s pickup did not qualify as private passenger-type vehicle. The group’s officials said the truck could be parked in the couple’s garage.

The Orlandos contended their pickup was a personal passenger vehicle and not a commercial vehicle of any sort.

Upon inspection, it was noted that other homeowners in the Kimry Moor development had pickup trucks in their driveways, however, we not the subjects of legal action.

The Orlando’s did confirm that they have moved from Kimry Moor. The HOA’s lawsuit is expected to be dropped since the Orlando’s, and their pickup truck, are gone.

The Orlandos filed a counterclaim against the association for emotional distress, but it was thrown out. Another counterclaim seeks compensatory damages for the lawsuit, and that part of the case is still active and pending.

Image: Syracuse.com

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