Congress Fiddles While Dead Eagles Pile Up
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Interested in what work the government actually does? While Congress and the President sling accusations and do their best to avoid any common ground, the real work of the federal government piles up, and the sight isn’t pretty. What exactly is piling up? Well, dead eagles for one thing. Just ask injured bird angel, Wendi Pencille, who has a dead bald eagle in her freezer until the government furlough ends so federal bird shipper services resume.

Normally when a bald eagle dies, Pencille sends the federally protected remains to a special repository in Denver, but the dearth of government services means she had to stick the nine-pound bird in her freezer rather than risk it rotting in a mailbox somewhere.
What else isn’t getting done? Food poisoning microbes patiently await analysis by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. A wrecked plane in California sits at a charred crash site until federal safety investigators return to work. Toxic waste cleanup at EPA Superfund sites is in a holding pattern. And the Labor Department’s monthly unemployment report, a release eagerly anticipated by stock and currency traders and set for distribution last Friday, is nowhere to be seen. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)

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