Glitchy Government Healthcare Website Frustrates Enrollees
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by Derek Dowell

Down for Repairs. These three words are what many people are likely to see this weekend if they visit to enroll in Obamacare. The new website has been hit with a series of glitches that continue to frustrate millions of consumers attempting to enroll in new health care insurance programs. The website has been up and down over the last few days. It seems to be working as of 8 a.m. EDT but heavy traffic has slowed functions to a crawl. “Please stay on this page,” a notice said. “We’re working to make the experience better, and we don’t want you to lose your place in line. We’ll send you to the login page as soon as we can.”

For now, technicians plan to take the website offline at 1 a.m. EDT for a few hours each night for tweaking. Online consumers have grown accustomed to the reality that websites frequently come down for repairs or updating. Credit card companies, banks, and other Internet-based service providers all do it, and now it appears that the new insurance program will be no different. In spite of the technological troubles, the administration took note of strong interest from the public, releasing a statement that read in part: “Americans are excited to look at their options for health coverage, with record demand in the first days of the marketplace.”

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