New Yorkers Bike Through the Cold
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The city that never sleeps apparently doesn’t know how to take a day off from exercise either. During the “polar vortex” yesterday the temperature in New York City fell to 4° Fahrenheit, a 118-year record for January 7. And yet 6,669 people felt like it was the perfect weather to go for a bike ride.

That’s right: Citi Bike, the city’s rental bicycle sharing system, still saw 19 percent of its daily average use of 35,000 despite the intense cold sweeping the city. In fact, it wasn’t even the lowest day of use since the system began late last May. That honor is bestowed upon January 3, when only 1,230 people took a ride in the brisk, yet warmer, 9° weather.

The city considered stopping the program for the winter, but it seems it was a fiscally good idea to continue letting crazy New Yorkers do their thing. (Sam Schoenfeld – VNN) Image: Bowery Boogie

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