Prince Charles Ready for Pension, Hasn’t Begun Working Yet
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England’s Prince Charles turns 65 on Thursday and has begun filling out paperwork to claim his public pension. The idea may seem strange, since he’s been patiently waiting since the age of three to assume the throne, a stretch of time that now qualifies as the longest heir apparent in that nation’s history. Thanks to prior service in the Royal Navy, the prince is entitled to collect about $175 weekly.

For those concerned about how royalty can survive on such a pittance, rest easy. Prince Charles earns millions every year thanks to a vast estate set up in 1337 by Edward II. Known as the Duchy of Cornwall, this estate includes land in 24 counties and passes by right to the eldest son of the monarch. Regarding his pension, the prince intends to donate it to a charity that helps the elderly.
Though his mother, Queen Elizabeth, shows no sign of relinquishing the crown any time soon (she’s 87), the Prince has seen an increase in his official duties in recent years as the queen has adopted a less strenuous schedule. Her husband, Prince Philip, now 92 and plagued by a series of medical setbacks, makes few public appearances either.

In honor of his birthday, Charles served as guest editor for an issue of Country Life magazine. (Derek Dowell – VNN) (Image: Flickr | Peter Broster)

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