Texas Woman Taken off Life Support
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A Texas Judge ruled last Friday to allow Marlise Munoz to be removed from life support after a two-month battle with the John Peter Smith Hospital. Marlise Munoz was declared brain dead November 28, 2013, after collapsing in her kitchen due to a blood clot. Even after being declared brain dead Erick Munoz, her husband, has been barred from ending her life support because she was 14 weeks pregnant. In an attempt to preserve life, the hospital, under a Texas law, stepped in to disallow Mr. Munoz from ending life support to protect the unborn child.

After two months of pain and sorrow, experts finally confirm predictions that the baby suffered from brain damage and deformation as a result of the mother’s brain dead status. Although the Hospital had until Monday to decide whether or not to appeal the Judge’s decision, Munoz was taken off life support Sunday evening.

This case has ignited many questions regarding the intent of this piece of legislation and the balance of rights between the state and the family. Although the statute’s intent has always been to protect unborn children, the debate continues whether the statute was intended to apply to a person who is dead – especially so early in the pregnancy. Consequently, Erick Munoz has stated he plans to sue the Hospital for it’s role in this matter and for the emotional distress he has suffered. (VNN – Addison Naugle) (Image: Flickr | Fotos GOVBA)

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