Super Bowl XLVIII Bulletin
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Super Bowl XLVIII is this weekend, February 2, 2014, and whether you are a football fan, music fan or just enjoy watching the commercials, this year’s Super Bowl line-up has something for everyone.

The Denver Broncos (15-3) and Seattle Seahawks (15-3) will face off at 4:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. If you are attending Super Bowl XLVII at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, make sure you arrive early to allow for time to pass through security. All fans will need to go through the Stadium Entry Pavilions (main security checkpoint) which will open at 2 PM. Beware that all vehicles must have a parking permit and stadium drop-offs and pick-ups are prohibited. RV’s and Tailgating are also prohibited at the stadium.

For those who plan on watching the Super Bowl, turn your big screen high definition TV’s to Fox and prepare for the show. Budweiser has promised to bring the Clydesdales and Geico is bringing the Gecko – The much awaited best commercial showdown is already heating up. And don’t forget the Pepsi halftime show featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Whether you are at the stadium, or in the front of the TV in the company of your best buds, this cherished tradition is a great way to spend an evening and stimulate the economy. (VNN – Addison Naugle) (Image: Flickr | MTAPhotos)

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