‘Walking Dead’ Gets its Own Convention
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by Derek Dowell

Star Trek. Star Wars. A variety of comic books. You know you’ve got a popular franchise on your hands when you get your own convention. So far, the AMC zombie apocalypse show, “The Walking Dead” has spawned a podcast, a one-man play…and now its very own convention, expected to to draw 10,000 or more undead fans when it hits Atlanta early next month.

The convention boasts a variety of actors from the show, including Norman Reedus (the crossbow scourge of zombies), Andrew Lincoln (Sheriff Grimes), and Lauren Cohan (Maggie Green). The series, in which a handful of survivors battle the undead – known as “walkers” – in and around Atlanta, Georgia, just opened for its fourth season and the numbers have been better than ever; 16.1 million people watched the October 13 premier, according to the Neilsen Company.

The idea for a Walking Dead convention came from two show superfans, Eric Nordhoff and James Frazier, who headed up to see a day of shooting in Senoia and got so motivated they decided to start a podcast related to the show. One thing led to another and now there’s an honest to goodness convention set for November 1-3.

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